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Amit Raje, Director

Founder of Studio AKS Interior Designs Pvt. Ltd., Amit Raje has over 10 years of experience across a wide range of residential and commercial projects. He has mastered the art of accomplishing a client’s vision of a space design to reality. With a keen eye for detail he believes in giving uncompromised finest quality work. He strongly believes that a space should reflect the dwellers personality and lifestyle. Hence, puts his client’s needs at the center of every design concept to create uniquely inspired spaces. Amit comes with a vast experience in Project & Operations management which reflects in his immaculate work within agreed timelines and budgets.

Dr. Sonal Raje, Director

Sonal oversees the Business Development division for Studio AKS. Homeopath by qualification she has over 16 yrs. of cross-functional experience in Operations, Project & Business Management. Having travelled across various countries she adds value with her exposure to designing elements. She strongly believes that along with imagination and creativity, interiors must be well planned and functionally beautiful.